User Training

ONELAN provides bespoke digital signage training sessions to ensure your team are given all the information and support they need to make the most of the ONELAN systems. The training agenda is tailored to your organisation and is delivered by our in-house professionals.

What will the training cover?

  • Connect via the network / IP number / serial no.
  • Overview of the menu pages
  • Layout selection
  • Create a new layout from the existing layouts
  • Edit layout through Layouts
  • Edit layout through Live Layouts
  • How to upload an image / movie / item
  • How to add an image / movie / item to the playlist
  • How to add a folder to the playlist
  • How to add a special item to the playlist
  • How to edit the selected item
  • How to schedule different layouts
  • Create an events schedule
  • How to create an Ad Hoc Item
  • How to create an Ad Hoc Page
  • How to edit zone properties
  • How to create a layout
  • Add soundtracks
  • Set up Channel Manager
  • Create and upload layout packages
  • RSS news feed
  • Powerpoint – JPEG / GIFF or Flash
  • Add colours
  • Upload True Type fonts
  • Set passwords – settings – user account settings

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