All ONELAN products purchased after October 1st 2014 come with a ‘return to factory’ Standard Warranty that is free of charge which runs for 24 months from the date of shipment from ONELAN. During this period, if a unit appears to be faulty, a competent user should work through the troubleshooting section on the support website. This will either resolve the problem or give an error code to email or ‘phone through to ONELAN using the contact details given above. The ONELAN Technical Team will also need to know the serial number of the unit. Ascertaining whether the fault can or cannot be rectified on-site will require a technical dialogue and some testing on the faulty unit. Therefore third party or non-technical referrals are not acceptable. If our engineers agree there is a fault, they will issue an RMA number and provide details in an email of how and where to return the unit. The cost of returning the faulty unit to the factory is borne by the Dealer/End User. The warranty will be invalidated if the goods have been wilfully damaged, altered or tampered with in any way without ONELAN’s permission. Repairs are usually completed within a 5-day turn-around. The cost of returning the repaired unit to the Dealer/End User is borne by ONELAN.

Extended Warranty

After the expiration of the Standard Warranty, cover can be extended to cover a further 2 years at an additional cost as per our latest price list. The terms and conditions are exactly the same as for Standard Warranty. An extension to 5 years is available on request.


Advanced Replacement Service
Advance Replacement Service is an enhanced level of service that provides faster replacements. This service can only be taken as an addition to Standard Warranty. Please refer to our current price list for cost details. This service is only available to customers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The procedure is exactly as detailed for Standard Warranty above, but if the fault is reported and confirmed by ONELAN before 11:00AM on a working day, then a replacement will be shipped for overnight delivery. ONELAN will also arrange collection of the faulty unit. Details must be provided of a contact point for the person responsible for packing the faulty unit together with its power supply ready for collection. All carriage costs will be borne by ONELAN. Replacement units are not necessarily new units but will carry a warranty equivalent to the balance of warranty period associated with the original failed unit.


‘Dead on Arrival Units’
All ONELAN units are stress tested for 24 hours before shipment to ensure they are working correctly before they leave our premises. They are then packed in shock resistant packaging. However, very occasionally, a unit may be dead on arrival. In these circumstances the Dealer/End User may use the Advanced Replacement Service as detailed above regardless of whether the service was purchased or not.

Submit a support ticket

Return Merchandise Authorization

RMA’s can be raised by submitting a ticket at support@onelan.com

We regret that your NTB needs to be repaired.

If the NTB is not booting up at all and has an external power supply (PSU)

  • The most likely fault is the PSU, even if it’s green light is on and it measures 12/19V when not plugged into the NTB.
  • We recommend that you try a PSU from another NTB, if you have one, to work out if it is the PSU or NTB that is faulty.
  • Alternatively, we recommend that you try replacing the PSU first before proceeding with the RMA.
  • To do this email support@onelan.com so that we can send you an RMA form


If the warranty has expired (or been invalidated) then:

  • ONELAN has a Fixed-Cost Repair Policy for units out of warranty.
  • Repair cost is £200.00 including VAT
  • For International shipping there will be a 30 GBP shipping surcharge added on top of repair cost.
  • Payments accepted by cheque or credit card.
  • Purchase orders are acceptable if you have an approved credit account with with ONELAN.
  • Payments can also be made through your ONELAN Dealer.
  • Payment must be made when the unit is returned to ONELAN, not now.
  • Repaired components are guaranteed for 3 months
  • Products no longer serviceable can be found here

 Fixed-Cost Repair Policy

To ensure we can provide you with the best possible service, ONELAN offers you a fixed cost out of warranty repair service.

  1. Please ensure you contact support@onelan.com first to determine the fault of your product.
  2. Once the support team have determined the fault then an rma will be issued.
  3. It is then the responsibility of the customer to ship the product back to ONELAN for repiar
  4. Repair work will commence once payment has been made. Please contact accounts on +44 (0)1491 41100 and quote your rma number. ONELAN acceepts payments via credit cards for End-Users or via their Reseller.
  5. Once the unit has been repaired then ONELAN will notify the customer and will arrange shipping.


Products no longer serviceable

The following hardware is no longer serviceable by Onelan for repair. Please contact your Reseller to discuss a suitable replacement-

  • NTB11x
  • NTB500
  • NTB510
  • NTB60x
  • NTB61x
  • NTB62x
  • NTB63x
  • NTB64x
  • NTB65x
  • NTB67x
  • NTB750M
  • NTB3xxx
  • NTB4xxx
  • NTB5xxx
  • NTB6xxx

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