SoC Screen Firmware


How to check your Firmware version

You can check the signage firmware of your LG webOS display by doing the following:

  1. Click home on the remote control
  2. Select the information application (first one in the row). Press Ok.
  3. The Firmware versions are listed as follows:

Software Version: SoC Firmware Version

Micom Version: Micom Firmware Version

How to perform a Firmware Update

  1. To begin you will need to download the latest firmware for your panel onto a USB Stick. Note: If your current SoC firmware version is earlier than v02.00.00 then please store the image file within the/LG_DTV directory of the USB memory stick. If your current SoC firmware version is v02.00.00 or later then please store the image file within the /LG_MONITOR directory of the USB memory stick
  2. Insert the USB memory stick into your WebOS signage player and the software update will launch automatically
  3. Click the update button when the update window appears
  4. When the update is complete the LG WebOS player will be automatically rebooted. Note: If the current SoC firmware version v02.00.37 or earlier then please repeat steps 3 and 4 again after rebooting

Screen model:

SM3B, SM5B, SM5KBv03.71.85 (440MB)

22SM3B, 49/55/65UH5Bv03.71.85 (440MB)

32/43/49/55/65SM5KCv04.32.63 (600MB)

Samsung SoC

If the URL Launcher or Change URL screen doesn’t appear when launching your Samsung panel after pressing the home button, you will need to ensure that the device is set to load the LFD Launcher. You may find that it is instead set to load into MagicInfo if the URL Launcher doesn’t load as expected.

To correct the issue:

  1. Tap the Source button to change the device to HDMI, DVI etc.
  2. Now click the Menu button.
  3. Select the System option.
  4. Scroll down until you find the Play via menu item.
  5. Under Play via, make sure that LFD Launcher is the option selected.

Once you have made these changes, restart the panel and LFD Launcher should load rather than the MagicInfo tools.


Samsung latest Firmware

Model- PM55H



Brightsign SoC

The current tested version of software for Brightsign players under Onelan CMS control is v6.2.147.9

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