Are there pre-defined templates I can use to create a layout?

Can I display RSS feeds?

Can the CMS accommodate Common Alerting Protocols (CAPs) also known as CAP Alerts, which are XML-based?

Can the CMS be offered as an on-premise solution?

Can the CMS support Data Integration?

Can the CMS support LDAP/Active Directory?

Can the CMS support Meta-tagging of Specific Content?

Can the CMS support Pricing Optimization/Dynamic Pricing Tactics?

Can the CMS support SMS mobile text alerts in the event there is a shooter or emergency requiring campus shut-down?

Can the Reserva meeting room display solution be integrated into the digital signage displays?

Do any of the NTB media players support video walls?

Do I need to install any software on a control PC?

Does ONELAN offer Audience Measurement options?

Does the CMS support 4K Content?

Does the NTB media player support IP Video Streaming?

Does the NTB media player support RS-232?

Does the NTB media player support Touch Displays?

Does the NTB media player support WIFI?

Does the ONELAN player support Live TV?

Does the ONELAN player support OPS?

Does the ONELAN Players support GPIO triggers?

Does the software enable User Permission settings?

How can I enable streaming content or live IPTV video?

How does content get published to the NTB media players on a network?

How many concurrent users can access and update content via the CMS?

Is it possible to back-up content from the media players and how?

What are the Video output options?

What do I need to be able to manage the content and configure the media players remotely?

What is the RMA process?

What languages are supported in the CMS?

What media types are supported by ONELAN?

What types of support for the CMS and media players is provided by ONELAN? Is 24 hour support offered?

What warranty is available on ONELAN hardware?

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