HD Players

ONELAN NTB Digital Signage is the complete solution offering high performance solid-state devices, powerful feature-rich software and networking options for turnkey content management and delivery. Thousands of ONELAN NTB digital media players are installed right around the globe.

ONELAN's wide range of rack mount and small form factor HD digital signage players offers a player to match your budget and requirements. Loaded with "NTB" Linux player software tailored specifically to each hardware platform these players deliver high quality multimedia playback and 24/7/365 reliability.

Player options available depending on model include: DVB-T TV cards, HD capture, MPEG UDP IP Streaming, Remote control, touch and Data integration. NTBs come pre-installed and undergo rigorous testing in the factory prior to shipment so you can get up and running faster and with fewer issues.

Deliver high quality content playback

Subscriber players have an advanced video engine with superior scaling technology that delivers pristine HD video playback up to Blu-ray specification quality. With full control of speed, transparency and direction scrolling is rendered with professional broadcast quality.

Display any media in multiple zones

With no limitations on the number or positioning of zones and transparency to support layering of zones you are free to create professional looking designs. Mix video, RSS and social feeds, Flash, HTML5, live TV and IPTV streams to achieve fresh eye catching content.

Make local content updates

Local novice or occasional users can make instant announcements, play content on demand, update menu boards or room booking schedules, add new content and more, within safe boundaries using simplified Ad hoc portals set up by the content administrator.

Get your data on screen automatically

The subscriber player provides a variety of methods to get important data on screen automatically. Whether it is display of web pages, dynamic Flash and HTML or system integration using the ONELAN Data collection engine we can get your data on screen to make a difference.

Reliable trouble free operation

With proven reliability for 24/7/365 applications and requiring minimal IT maintenance there are also no recurring fees for ONELAN subscriber players. Software maintenance and upgrades are free of charge making the subscriber player a One off Cost.

Engage with interactivity

Trigger playback using GPIO, USB or XML commands over the network from virtually any type of interactive device: motion sensors, touch, IR remote controls and building control automation solutions. Likewise external devices can be put under playlist control.

Entertain with live video and TV

Select from DVB-T tuner, HDCP compliant HD capture and MPEg UDP IP Streaming options to get live HD video and TV on screen. Live content is a key feature for many hospitality and corporate foyer applications.

Display existing web content

With full web content playback support including Flash, embedded video and HTML5 make full use of your existing website and intranets. Use the web page cropping and zoom tools to select just the content you need and adapt it for use on screen.

Full HD models


ONELANs midrange HD player with active cooling. This slim profile NTB is suitable for mounting behind a display panel


Full HD playback in a slim fan less chassis which can be mounted behind the display.


Our smallest full HD digital signage player with active cooling

NTB-HD-10-S R4

Our smallest fanless, full HD digital signage player


A budget fanless NTB for basic digital signage projects (4 zone, optional ad-hoc via upgrade)


A budget NTB for basic digital signage projects (4 zone, optional ad-hoc via upgrade)

Our basic retail signage player ideal Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). This single zone networked player is fanless and has no moving parts.

Our basic, slim retail signage player. This single zone networked player has active fan cooling.

Open Pluggable Standard (OPS) players


Our entry level full HD Open Pluggable Standard (OPS) digital signage player.

ONELAN uses Open Source software in its products and it proud to be part of the open source community contributing to the development of open source projects

As part of ONELAN's responsibility to the open source community we make available all the open source code that we use in our products. You can view the Open Source licenses and download the sources here