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ONELAN digital signage is the complete solution offering high performance solid-state Intel-powered Net-Top-Box (NTB) players, feature-rich software, and networking options for turnkey content management and delivery. Thousands of NTB 4K and HD digital media players are installed globally

Digital Signage Systems

Key Features

Display any media in multiple zones

Digital Signage PlayerWith endless possibilities on the number or positioning of zones and transparency to support layering of zones you are free to create professional looking designs. Mix video, RSS and social feeds, HTML5, live TV and IPTV streams to achieve fresh eye catching content.

Crestron 4K certified

4K Digital Signage PlayerAll ONELAN players have an advanced video engine with superior scaling technology that delivers at least full HD video playback, with many of the players also delivering 4K content.
ONELAN’s 4K Player range has been recognized and certified as part of the Crestron 4K Certification Program. This independent certification acknowledges the quality and reliability of playback delivered by the ONELAN 4K players. It also gives guaranteed compatibility with Crestron’s 4K distribution systems.

Make local content updates

Digital Signage PlayersLocal novice or occasional users can make instant announcements, play content on demand, update menu boards or room booking schedules, add new content and more, within safe boundaries using simplified Ad hoc portals set up by the content administrator.

Engage with interactivity

Digital Media Player

ONELAN NTB media players can accept HID compliant touch input via USB. Trigger playback using GPIO, USB or XML commands over the network from virtually any type of interactive device: motion sensors, touch, IR remote controls and building control automation solutions. Likewise external devices can be put under playlist control.

Entertain with live video and TV

HD Digital Signage Players

Use MPEg UDP IP Streaming options to get live HD video and TV on screen. Live content is a key feature for many hospitality and corporate foyer applications.

Ideal for feature video walls

Video WallWith high-bandwidth DisplayPort and HDMI a single 4K NTB can deliver a range of video wall solutions. Standard layout video walls can be created using the displays’ loopthrough capability or a feature video wall can be managed using a 4K NTB and a Datapath video wall controller. This makes video walls much more cost effective.


Occupancy Management Application

Dynamic occupancy levels are displayed on digital signage at key locations within or outside offices, shops, and other public spaces. Occupancy levels can be shown as eye catching ‘red; amber; green’ graphics or simple percentages with customizable messaging. Anonymised data from CCTV cameras is used to trigger content depending on real-time occupancy levels.
Occupancy Management Application

Interactive Wayfinding

Wayfinding makes navigation less stressful for visitors, guests, employees, customers, or students to navigate any property. The familiar map-like interface showcases distinctive common points of interest such as washrooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, leisure facilities, retail outlets and so forth. Users simply tap or click where they’d like to go, and a clear path is highlighted for them to follow. To avoid any possible touch contamination, Interactive Wayfinding can also be accessed on a mobile device via a QR code shown on a kiosk.
Interactive Wayfinding

Decrease Wastage

Avoid the need for physical brochures, paper maps, and guides.

Dynamic content removes the requirement for costly reprints when information is outdated.

Visitor Experience

Enhance the visitor experience with less stress in navigating an unfamiliar property.

Reduce administrative resource spent guiding visitors to their preferred destination

Increase Revenue

Deliver third party dynamic advertising on Digital Signage for an additional revenue stream.

Guide visitors to revenue-generating onsite amenities such as restaurants and shops

Digital Signage Manager

ONELAN's DSM allows remote configuration, provides monitoring, maintenance and media playout audit reports on groups of NTBs over user-defined periods. A DSM helps you manage your network efficiently as it grows to several hundred or more players and their screens.

Maximize player uptime

Monitor all ONELAN devices through a central online dashboard with live alerts and email notifications. The DSM supports an extensive suite of alarms covering many aspects of player performance and behavior. Users can select which alarms the DSM observes or ignores and configure individual alarms to match exact requirements. This allows users to establish a monitoring regime to suit you. Problems can be solved in a pro-active manner with preventative action rather than reactively after a more serious problem occurs.

Minimize maintenance costs

For maintenance purposes the DSM provides secure, safe remote connection to the NTB’s, even behind firewalls. The DSM can optionally act as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server allowing groups of NTBs to join a network of secure VPN tunnels. The remote connection facility significantly reduces the need for onsite maintenance, and therefore reduces on-going operation cost.

Proof of play reporting

The DSM provides summaries of what media has played at each remote NTB or group of NTBs. The DSM receives notification of each playout instance (with 1 second resolution) from its NTBs for any media item played in any monitor’s zone. The DSM presents these notifications as summary reports for individual NTB’s or groups of NTBs. Reports with detail down to individual playout instances can be produced using the DSM’s SQL interface – typically from Crystal Reports ™ or similar.

Subscription Based Licences

Spread the costs of digital signage using ONELAN's new subscription licencing options. Combine the benefits of powerful ONELAN digital signage hardware with a subscription based annual plan.

Lower upfront costs

Instead of a single purchase which increases CAPEX investments, pay a yearly subscription service to spread the cost of digital signage.

Demonstrate ROI

Yearly licence costs can be compared to revenue generation for advertising networks to accurately determine ROI.

Transferable licences

Licences can be used with a selected range of NTBs or SoC players so that users have flexibility to move the software licence from one hardware device to another

Touch & Interactive

Any ONELAN signage player can be licensed to support touch screen signage, turning it into a powerful platform for interactive solutions within kiosks or wall mounted installations. Accredited content partners offer a wide range of touch solutions that can enhance your signage installations with interactivity. Contact your local ONELAN representative to find out more about this content.
Touch & Interactive

NTB Signage Players


Available as: Subscription, Single Purchase

Cost effective single zone player. Ideal for cost sensitive or space restricted applications.


Available as: Subscription, Single Purchase

Single zone fanless player designed specifically for the retail industry.


Available as: Single Purchase

Cost effective multizone player. Ideal for cost sensitive or space restricted applications.


Available as: Single Purchase

Multizone fanless player for cost sensitive or space restricted


Available as: Subscription, Single Purchase

Unlimited zone player. Ideal for touch interactivity or HD video wall applications.


Available as: Subscription, Single Purchase

Unlimited zone fanless player for touch interactivity or HD video wall applications.


Available as: Subscription, Single Purchase

4K fanned player. Ideal for feature video walls, corporate and retail applications.


Available as: Single Purchase

4K fanless player, ideal for feature video walls, corporate and retail applications.

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