Engage your audience. Improve your communication.

Digital Signage is a more effective method for communicating your message, providing significant cost savings and flexibility over traditional printed posters and notice boards.

With numerous studies showing significant improvements in sales revenue and product recall, Digital signage is now a key tool in solving an increasingly wide range of communication tasks and business problems, and has become as important as websites and brochures.

ONELAN provides a rich platform on which any organisation can build their wider communication strategy, be it a single screen in a foyer, a wayfinder in a shopping mall or a large global retail network.

Publisher CMS

ONELAN's CMS-Server and Publisher ensure there is a solution matched to your needs, from a small foyer network with a single administrator through to enterprise 24/7 networks with 1000s of players and multiple concurrent users.

Subscriber Players

The ONELAN range of players provide broadcast quality playback of a wide range of media formats and dynamically rendered real-time data. As Linux based appliances they are designed for low maintenance 24/7 unattended operation. Options exist for local TV reception, HD capture, receiving IPTV streams and touch interactivity.

Network Management

Network management is achieved with ONELAN's Digital Signage Manager (DSM). This is a web appliance designed to monitor and remotely manage multiple ONELAN digital signage Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs). It allows remote configuration, provides monitoring, maintenance and media playout audit reports on groups of NTBs over user-defined periods.

Data Integration

The player's data integration capability and the Data Collection Engine (DCE) allow you to bring in data from virtually any source and have it easily flow into your dynamic content templates.


ONELAN's encoding, TV streaming and recording products provide a solution for networked delivery and storage of video content via Ethernet networks. ONELAN products are designed to fit a wide range of requirements regardless of network size, number of channels or recording requirements.