Wheatley Group

Wheatley Group covers 12 local authority areas across Central Scotland, providing homes and services to over 100,000 people.

Wheatley Group needed to enhance its internal communications and wanted digital signage to achieve this. Seven of the Group’s offices use ONELAN digital signage for internal communications and a further 25 have customer-facing digital signage installed.
Digital signage is also installed in the Wheatley Group shop at Trongate where customers can go to ask questions, pay rent and organise repairs. ONELAN screens are used as part of the window display to show up-to-date messages.
In Wheatley Group’s main foyer there are digital signage screens designed to communicate key messages to customers and visitors. There is also a feature video wall.
Screens in the cafeteria are used for entertainment, and Internal screens around the building display KPIs and other group information. There are also screens located in Wheatley Group’s call centre for displaying important staff information in an immediate and engaging way.
The buildings have foyers on each floor; two screens in every foyer convey relevant information and messages.
The digital signage has proved particularly effective in Wheatley Group’s Environmental Depot, as staff now have a much better idea of what is going on elsewhere in the organisation and so feel much more involved.
Screens have also been installed in residential areas. These are used to communicate with residents locally to both inform and alert them.
The Communications and Marketing Team is responsible for managing the digital signage content including regular campaigns. Content is updated every two weeks and each of the Group’s buildings have a different channel. The screens in the shop in Trongate display videos and key messages.
One of the other main benefits of the digital signage has been to cut down on internal emails. For example if something has been mislaid, it is much more effective to post a message on the digital signage rather than email everyone individually in the organisation.
“Wheatley Group uses ONELAN screens throughout its offices as both digital signage and as a communication channel.
The digital signage is excellent internal communication tool. The screens are bright and engaging and a great medium for calls to action for our staff.
Our feature wall and video wall are an arresting and involving feature in our head office reception and training academy. The system is easy to use so we can regularly update the content to keep it fresh.”
Wendy Jordan Communications Officer, Wheatley Group

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