Saariselkä in northern Finland is a popular tourist destination, providing activities such as skiing, hiking and a spa. It is located in Northern Lapland. GoSaariselkä wanted to publicise information relating to its tourist services and activities.

Why digital signage
Avek Esitysratkaisut Ltd was chosen to provide the solution.GoSaariselkä wanted a solution capable of operating in very challenging, even arctic, conditions where temperatures can drop as low as -40 degrees Celsius. The kiosk is the most northern touch info screen in the world.
What is installed
Two ONELAN Net top box (NTB) 630 media players are installed driving two 46″ portrait screens, one with touch, located on a two-sided kiosk.
Benefits of installing digital signage
By ordering both the equipment and configured software from the same provider, the risk of any problems occurring has been minimised. It has also enabled the system to be installed very quickly, essential when the temperatures are so cold. The kiosk worked instantly eliminating any need to restart the system in freezing conditions.
As ONELAN has a large customer base, GoSaariselkä believes that software will be kept regularly updated. ONELAN’s system is easy to deploy and GoSaariselkä also wanted the ability to divide the content into many zones. The automatic software updates are also of benefit.
End result
‘The kiosk has now been in operation for a year. On the few occasions we have needed ONELAN technical support, we have been helped at short notice. If we could improve anything, the user interface could be modified to be even easier to use. Overall I can recommend ONELAN to everyone who needs a digital signage solution. In our opinion ONELAN is the best software for such kiosk information systems.’ GoSaariselkä

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