Sales FAQs

This section details common partner questions and includes answers to common RFP requirements.

CMS Sales FAQs

ONELAN’s CMS server software allows you to create and deliver compelling content at the right time and place to a network of digital signage players and to centrally monitor the health and manage that network. The CMS can be supplied either as:
  • Enterprise Content Management Software only (CMS-VA-## number of media players) for installation on premise or in the cloud on VMware or Hyper-V infrastructure and scalable to 10,000 of NTB and SoC players
  • Physical Server Appliance (CMS-PA-##) Enterprise CMS software and server hardware suitable for a maximum of 250 NTB or SoC players
Touch Displays: To enable the NTB media player to support touch displays or USB touch overlays, you will need to order the license TOUCH-INT. This license only supports single-touch – not multi-touch. Wi-Fi: To enable the NTB media player to support 802.11 b/g/n wireless, you will need to order the license WI-FI-IN at the same time you order the NTB media player(s). IP Video Streaming: To enable the NTB media player to support IP Video Streams (MPEGs, UDP, and multicasting via Ethernet), you will need to order the license STREAM-IN. RS-232: You will need to order the sku USB-RS232 (USB RS-232 adapter).
No. You can access control of the media player through a standard web browser (i.e., Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer).
You will need the CMS-VA-## or CMS-PA-## for the number of media players in your network
There are 3 different ways to publish content to an ONELAN Net-Top-Box media player:
  • Standalone Solution: With any NTB media player
  • Publisher Solution (One-to-a-few Media Players): With up to 25 NTB media players and NTB-4k-1000-S with SUPU license. You would have one media player act as the mini server for the other media players on the network using the NTB-SUPU license. Each media player on the network would need to be configured individually.
  • Remotely (One-to-Many Media Players): With the CMS-VA-## or CMS-PA-## to manage the number of NTB media players on the network. This solution allows remote configuration of the media players all at once, rather than individually.
Yes, we recommend the NTB-4K-1000-S media player for video walls. There is a lot of horsepower with the NTB-4K-1000-S media player. The ability to do custom output resolutions, making it suitable for outdoor/indoor LED video walls and creative (non-standard resolution) video walls. It can also operate as signage-in-a-box solution with built-in software or it can be part of a network solution. It can support inter-player synchronization of content across different display resolutions. Inherently, one NTB-4K-1000-S media player will drive 4 displays up to 4K total resolution (using a DisplayPort daisy-chain solution which the displays itself must support). Example videos of ONELAN NTB-4K-1000-S driving different display resolutions and synchronization of content:
Yes. The CMS provides suggested templates for your layouts. These templates may be altered to suit your preference. You can easily select content from your folders – even multiple content files – and drag them all into their specified zones in a layout.
Yes. The CMS allows you to set-up specific permissions for users. The CMS also supports LDAP/Active Directory.
Currently, the CMS-LITE can only support one concurrent user making updates at any one time. The CMS-VM and the CMS-PA can both support multiple users simultaneously however the exact number depends on the size of your network and how the CMS is hosted.

SoC Sales FAQs

Not all CMS features are transferable. See the 'Compare Products' page for more detail on this.
Licenses are attached to an install code. The install code defines the display configuration including whether it is single or multi zone. When setting up the configuration a selection can be made on which bundle of licenses to pull from i.e. single or multi zone.
Yes. The ONELAN SoC license may be transferred to another similar unit in, perhaps, another location, as long as both units are not operating simultaneously using the same license. They can only be transferred if the license is still valid i.e. has time left on its length.

Reserva Sales FAQs

Reserva Connection Manager supports up to 800 room signs configured using 4 connections of 200 rooms. Additional availability can be achieved by running an additional host (virtual or physical) running another instance of Reserva Connection Manager.
This is dependent upon then end users network setup. We recommend no more than 50 rooms should be managed using a single connection in Reserva Connection Manager.
Yes. Select the media type you wish to customize Room Summary or Outside Room. From this interface you can choose background style, upload a custom logo and select the translation(s) you wish to use on screen.
Reserva is available in 7, 10.1, and 15.6-inch screen sizes. The model numbers are:
  • ROOM-7T v2
  • ROOM-15T-POE
All models have touch-enabled displays and can be installed in portrait or landscape mode. [Note: LEDs indicator lights are only available with the 10.1-inch. The 7-inch does not support power-over-Ethernet and power supplies are ordered separately for the 10-inch as ROOM-10T-POE-LED-PSU.]
Yes, simply create a connection for each system you wish to connect to.
First, the customer must already have access to Rendezvous Workspace from NFS Technology Group. This product is not provided by ONELAN. The RFID card scanners for the Reserva room displays are available from ONELAN (model number is RESERVA-CARD-SCANNER).
  • Through the NFS Connection, click the “User Authentication Tab”
  • Check the box to “Enable NFC Authentication”. With this option enabled, the user will be prompted to link a scanned card to the active directory credentials.