Layered Solutions Inc. to Serve as Integration Partner for Mass Notification Technology

1st June 2017

We’re delighted to announce a new integration partner, Layered Solutions, Inc. Based in Carmel, Ind., Layered Solutions provides mass notification communication – whether in an emergency or a general announcement – through its unique software and mobile application platform that integrates with digital signage as well as fire systems, public address systems, LED signage, physical security systems and social media.

Layered Solutions is providing ONELAN technology end users with the ability to trigger overrides of their content management systems either spontaneously or in the event of an emergency.

“It allows those end users to override digital signage content with messaging that might be…

International Digital Signage Award for Chemist Warehouse Installation

23rd February 2017

ONELAN has been awarded an international Digital Signage Award by one of the AV industry’s leading organisations, known as the DOOHDAHs.

The award was given in recognition of ONELAN’s deployment at the Chemist Warehouse Retail Group, one of Australia’s leading retail pharmacies, where digital signage has continued to enable Chemist Warehouse to distribute video and advertising content into stores, plus provide proof of play to brands, with content managed centrally by their internal marketing team.

Furthermore, additional promotional revenue streams were opened, with a reduced reliance on paper (at point of sale) and product information accessed more easily by customers.

The Retail…

Collaboration with SCREEMO Brings Digital Signage Gamification Experience to ISE

2nd February 2017

Our latest collaboration with SCREEMO brings our joint project for Domino’s Pizza Netherlands to ISE for the first time.

This collaboration sees the gamification experience brought to the quick service arena to create brand loyalty, increase repeat visits and enhance customers’ in-store experiences.

This is yet another successful cooperation for SCREEMO and ONELAN following their Three Mobile UK project which was reported to have increased in-store traffic by 15% across a single two-week period.

SCREEMO helps bricks and mortar businesses to achieve their business goals by using a location and mobile based gamified experience in-store, that creates a positive experience for the customer and drives them…

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