Local language introduced for Reserva

16th Oct 2016

The leading room booking solution, Reserva has enhanced its offering and now includes an Arabic local language solution meaning it can be deployed into an even greater number of education and corporate environments where localisation is critical.

Recently shortlisted as a finalist by AV Magazine, Reserva is an innovative and exciting product, combining the latest in interactive and dynamic digital display signage technology and workspace management to deliver an innovative, flexible room signage solution.

Reserva is easy to install and integrates with existing software such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Scientia Syllabus plus or other corporate/education software. There is no reliance on using a proprietary calendar as Reserva works with the systems already used and those which may be adopted in the future.

Once installed, Reserva is simple to manage and maintain from a central administration portal from where it can be easily customised to user requirements, Administrators can also choose to display other content such as corporate communications, brand reinforcements, advertisements or similar.

Reserva can be connected using either Wi-Fi or Ethernet, or a single cable install with Power over Ethernet. It can also be used either portrait or landscape with a range of screen sizes 7"-15.6" to suit any space.

All components have been subjected to rigorous testing and are of a commercial grade which helps to ensure reliability. A fully locked down interface helps to deliver enhanced security.

Reserva's intuitive user interface makes it quick to set up and offers fine control over its configuration making it simple to use and customise for any individual workspace requirements, whether the requirements are planned or ad hoc.

For more information visit the Reserva website www.reserva.co.uk or contact your local distributor.

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