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The ONELAN player software for LG webOS 3.0 provides a cost effective solution without the need for a physical signage player. Powered by the ONELAN Content Management System (CMS) a range of enterprise tools are included as standard e.g. LDAP integration and sophisticated roles based access control. ONELAN’s CMS can be deployed on premise where internet connection is not available.
Use our SoC comparison guide for a full list of features

ONELAN's enterprise CMS supports mixed networks

ONELAN CMS Network with Samsung SSP

Compatible LG Displays

Find out more about the full LG Smart Signage Platform webOS display range here

Third and Forth Generation LG SSP webOS displays

  • LS75C Series
  • SH7E Series
  • SM3C Series
  • SM3G Series
  • SM5C Series
  • SM5D Series
  • SM5KC Series
  • SM5KD Series
  • SM5KE Series
  • TA3E Series
  • UH5C Series
  • UH5E Series
  • UH5F Series
  • UH7F Series
  • UL3G Series
  • UM3DF Series
  • UM3DG Series
  • UM3E Series
  • UM3F Series
  • WP400 Series

Supported Media

The following range of media formats are supported

  • Image
  • Full HD Video
  • Text
  • RSS feed
  • HTML (local)
  • HDMI Capture
  • HTML (web)
  • Image transparency
  • Twitter App (optional)

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