Touch & interactive

Any ONELAN signage player can be licensed to support touch, turning it into a powerful platform for interactive solutions within kiosks or wall mounted installations. Accredited content partners offer a wide range of touch solutions that can enhance your signage installations with interactivity.

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Provide visitors easy to use navigation. Features include route visualisation and dynamic "you are here" indicator

Retail kiosks

Provide product information in-store along with digital advertising to enhance sales performance

Surveys & questionnaires

Gain instant feedback from guests and visitors providing valuable research on products and services

Event registration

Allow visitors to check in, register attendance and print badges at conferences and events

Interactive menus

Allow visitors to make informed healthier choices providing access to menu options within canteens, cafes, restaurants etc.

Interactive timetable

Instant access to room booking or timetable information within business and education markets

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