Cloud Hosted Solutions

Sometimes the technical aspects of digital signage hosting can be daunting, especially if you don’t have an IT team at your disposal. At ONELAN you can get the digital signage system you want without tying up resources in systems and IT by using our CMS Hosting service.

Digital Signage Systems

Benefits to CMS Hosting

  • Reduced IT overheads as on premise infrastructure no longer needs maintenance
  • Infrastructure costs reduced as virtualization licencing is no longer required
  • Fully bundled service including CMS, software updates/maintenance and hosting
  • Each CMS is dedicated to a specific customer giving peace of mind
  • Annual subscription model ideally suited to Op Ex budgets
  • Built on enterprise IT infrastructure
  • A range of safeguards and monitoring systems to ensure service availability and integrity
  • Comprehensive security posture to mitigate risk of cyber attacks

ONELAN use Everest Data Centre based in Reading, UK. To find out more about the data centre and their security standards, please use the link below to review their Security Statement:
Everest Data Security Statement

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