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Virgin Holidays has recently opened a new "V ROOM" at Gatwick Airport, Surrey. Virgin Holidays wanted to acknowledge their guests were special and to give them a comfortable place to wait for their flight to board.

This special area was named the "V ROOM" with separate areas for children including games and an area set aside for adults where they can read a paper or browse the Internet in peace. The lounge overlooks the runway with telescopes provided for even the briefest of 'Plane Spotter' visitors.

What needed to be done?
With such an exciting range of amusements on offer already how could the lounges be improved further? Virgin Holidays wanted to inform customers of opportunities available to them in different countries, what various hotels and theme parks offered in terms of facilities and generally build excitement about their holiday destination just before people start their journey. They also needed to inform passengers that their next flight was ready for boarding. Holidaymakers aren't inclined to read notice boards therefore an alternative approach was needed.

How to do this?
It was agreed that a Digital Signage Network was needed. In this instance the approved AV installers recommended ONELAN Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs). The NTB3305 units were installed as they offered the facility to show 2 video Zones, RSS news feeds and in particular an override facility that would allow a staff member to interrupt the screen and display information about flights ready to depart.

As with all corporate areas branding is important, however Virgin Holidays wanted to be presented in an unobtrusive way to maintain the relaxed atmosphere. This was achieved through creative layout design, which enabled corporate colours and logos to be shown, without dominating the room.

In an additional effort to maintain the tranquil atmosphere, non-urgent security announcements such as "Please don't leave bags or children unattended" that are usually emitted over a tannoy system, can now be displayed on the screens.

The outcome?
Gatwick now has a "V ROOM" that would be the envy of any airport. Visitors are now able to enjoy live news, entertainment and be able to relax in the knowledge that they will be kept up-to-date with flight news and other relevant information.

"Virgin Holidays has been very impressed with the support and speedy response of ONELAN, when issues have been raised or advice on the content and how we publish it is required. Matters have been dealt with very efficiently."

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