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Barnetts Motor Group Drives Communications with ONELAN

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With multiple car showrooms and sites in Dundee and St Andrews, Barnetts Motor Group (Barnetts) wanted the best solution to deliver internal and external marketing messages and information to create customer excitement and staff awareness electronically.

Barnetts had three main objectives.
1. To source and deploy a delivery mechanism to best communicate energy and excitement to customer facing areas e.g showrooms and coffee areas, controlled centrally by Marketing.
2. Utilising the same mechanism, to deploy a solution to communicate company objectives, statistics and priorities to staff in rest areas and canteens.
3. To achieve the above with one touchpoint operator without the need for repeating or rework, and also with the capability for local messaging.

The flexibility, immediacy and exciting video content capable of being deployed through digital signage made this a natural choice for a dealership at the cutting edge of technology and process control. A four screen showroom 'horizon' deployment will be followed by other showroom applications and staff areas, with around 20 screens planned.

ONELAN was chosen as the best in class for flexibility, ease of use, quality of delivery and its dedication to Digital Signage.

A roll out is envisaged over time and over various sites to achieve the objectives above. Initially, a four screen horizontal video wall using 50" Panasonic LCD screens has been installed as a priority for a new Mazda showroom launch. Each screen has a ONELAN Net Top Box (NTB) HD-10F-S Player and a central NTB-HD-200-P publisher to control the display. It is envisaged this will grow to six screens.

The digital signage creates a modern, exciting and informative atmosphere where Barnetts Motor Group is considered the preferred supplier of new and used motor vehicles and the area. Increased awareness and market share are the key benefit sought from this initiative. Communications to all internal staff will be immediate and dynamic, confirming Barnetts Motor Group is at the forefront of the industry.

The system is supported by the IT manager but the marketing content will be driven by the Marketing Manager and her team. Other staff members will be allocated content permissions in order to make the system 'owned' by the whole business.

A very tight deadline was requested due to a launch, so Vision Sound and Light managed the physical installation, liaised with the IT and Marketing team then provided IT setup, template design, content management and training all delivered in less than a week from ordering.