Restaurant Case studies

Tesco Café Digital Menu Solution

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Tesco's objective was to modernise its outdated instore dining areas, and to create the experience of a premium café. It wanted the look and feel to be more contemporary incorporating theatre style cooking and providing better facilities for families. Digital signage from ONELAN was seen as a critical element in achieving this new premium café experience.

Allen Creative, the integrator, was briefed to provide a solution that was simple to use by the new café staff, easy to read for its customers and simple to install.

The staff at Allen Creative, the integrator responsible, took themselves on a customer journey from the store car park through the store and to the café itself. They wanted to determine how best to communicate the new café to prospective customers. Digital signage was selected as it best fulfilled Tesco's requirements.

The initial requirement from Tesco was to ensure that the software was very straightforward and user friendly for café managers and kitchen staff. Currently 9 cafés have digital menu solutions comprising a ONELAN Net top box (NTB) NTB650-LITE driving 7 screens in each Café.

Ad Hoc scheduling enables local on site content update and control. The system is managed using a ONELAN Digital Signage Manager (DSM). A single channel of content published with PLI determines content playback. Café managers have a login to enable them to select the dishes they are serving on any set day.

Following the launch of the Premium Café digital menu solution, the cafés have seen a significant uplift in sales & now attracts a more affluent customer. The Tesco café at the Stourbridge site has a bank of six 42″ LCD screens is suspended over the counter, four of which are in a wide sweep, giving an impressive focal point to the Café. The screens display daily offers scheduled to change at specific times during the day, keeping the content relevant and fresh. This site also has counter top tablets to display the coffee menu.

The solution installed by Allen Creative has been designed so that it can be expanded as and when required in future.

This project demonstrates how effectively digital signage can be used to transform and reposition a brand. The ease of use of ONELAN's solution combined with Allen Creative's expertise has fulfilled Tesco's expectations and engendered up to 50% increase in sales growth in some of the new style cafés.