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Thomastown Recreation & Aquatic Centre Works Out with ONELAN

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The Thomastown Recreation and Aquatic Centre (TRAC) project in Melbourne, Australia is a $40M redevelopment of an existing aquatic centre into a state-of-the-art aquatic and leisure facility at the centrepiece of the local City Of Whittlesea council. It features an indoor sports stadium, indoor heated water park, 50m swimming pool, outdoor water park and fully equipped health club, fitness studios and consulting suites.

TRAC required an easy to use and powerful digital signage solution that would inform and entertain visitors to the centre. The solution had to be centrally managed but also allow staff to instantly change
the displays with a range of content such as Video, TV, web content, Powerpoint, Text and Flash. They also wanted touch screen capability for interactive layouts.

The first piece of technology that visitors see as they arrive at the Thomastown recreation and aquatic centre is a 2 × 2 Video wall facing the carpark. These 4× 52" displays reside behind laminated anti-reflective glass and are driven by a ONELAN Net-top-box (NTB) 5505 media player. The screens displays centre information, forthcoming events, welcome messages, Live Video and Powerpoint presentations.

The TRAC reception is an open area fronted with large floor to ceiling windows, with doors leading directly to the main reception desk. At the desk there are 3 × 46" commercial displays side by side each displaying content from a ONELAN NTB 510S. The screens display a mix of pricing, classes, events and local news.

The hallway and gym areas experience heavy foot traffic making them excellent locations for two 40" Touch screens driven by two ONELAN NTB 510s. These screens provide class information and schedules for visitors. A user is able select from a range of classes and watch a video of that class. The content is created and managed by the centre marketing team.

The staff at TRAC created all of the digital signage background layouts and touch content. The Touch content required configuration of playlists and zones to trigger videos and display schedules. The solution was designed and managed by the marketing team at the centre.

"ONELAN has delivered a system that satisfies all of our digital signage requirements. I can easily log into the publisher and change content when necessary. Our clients can navigate around on the touch screens to see what group fitness classes may be on at TRAC for the day. They can also see what upcoming events we might be holding, or read about past events. I think ONELAN is a fantastic solution to digital signage. Each software release seems to ensure a more simplistic way of updating/creating layouts for the screens."

Alex Hutchison
Business Development Coordinator