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Wakefield and District Housing: Creating scalable digital displays

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Recently a Digital Signage installation at WDH caused quite an impression, not only with clients, but also the in house staff. The brief was to generate an increased visibility for housing messages and other local information within foyer and reception areas across the sixteen WDH locations. Previously, although presentation material existed it was repetitive and did not appear to have the desired impact on the captive customer base. Moreover, the need to get the various messages to the audience using the expensive plasma screen technologies already in place became paramount.

Maximising the message
Working in concert with WDH, Smarter Solutions Ltd developed an approach based around Net-Top-Box Digital Signage products from ONELAN. These products allow the same master display at all 16 locations, while permitting safe, locally generated message content using the ad-hoc text facility to ensure delivery of 'the right message, to the right people, at the right time".
Simplifying the system

A major issue was that under the existing system, updating screen messages required the involvement of two, sometimes three WDH departments, with Corporate Services and ICT. To ensure the relevant content was captivating and dynamic, ICT regularly had to write custom code to enable complex content this could take up to six hours of work. ICT needed a simpler solution in order to show value for money.

Simple information such as visitor details, local announcements or events, needed both Corporate Services and ICT involvement to implement, and when implemented, the information was displayed as a looping PowerPoint presentation having minimal impact. Clearly, better use of both the expensive screens and the resources of Corporate Services and ICT were needed.

Ease of use and control
Smarter Solutions proposed a system that would enable remote controlled access and screen update from a familiar, user-friendly environment. This was achieved using ONELAN's Net-Top-Box (NTB) 3305 unit. With this approach, display material becomes live, dynamic, and eye-catching.

The display window is capable of showing breaking news, video content of Corporate Events, visitor information, PowerPoint input and tickertape at the same time. ICT were now able to have remote administrative control, including template layout, and monitoring capability. Corporate Services no longer required ICT involvement as they were now able to update data on a site-by-site basis through permission based interface.

This solution not only allows for a limitless professional image but allows ICT to deliver a manageable solution without unnecessary drain on its resources.

From the initial contact between WDH and Smarter Solutions Ltd to outline the system needs, development and presentation of the proposed solution, through to arranging installation and NTB training requirement took under four weeks - a major achievement.

Achieving the ROI
WDH, Assistant Director of ICT, Darren Wild comments: "Compared to our previous display using a simple PowerPoint presentation on repeat, the Smarter Solutions project, using the ONELAN product, now enables WDH to post clear and current information to all 16 WDH Service Access points simultaneously. The ONELAN Net-Top-Box at each site provide clear, accurate information to our plasma screens, and have now become yet another effective source of information to our customers."