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Tilburg Government Cuts Costs and Communicates with ONELAN

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Tilburg wanted to communicate with its inhabitants easily and more efficiently. ADL generated a plan with Tilburg not only to communicate more efficiently, but also reduce print costs by using ONELAN's digital signage. ADL plans and places the content and monitors the players, while Tilburg Government has a media department that controls the signage itself.

ONELAN was chosen for this digital signage installation because of its flexibility and its ad-hoc capability. With the ad-hoc capability, one specific user is authorised to control one dedicated zone. The multi-channel publishing feature and the ease of just dragging pictures/advertisements and/or text into the playlist also enable content to be updated quickly and easily.

How the Digital signage is being used
Commercial advertising is shown on screens driven by ONELAN Net top box (NTB) media players in different locations, particularly in sports halls. The digital signage is also used for Wayfinding and for displaying general information in foyers, and for meeting rooms.

At Tilburg Ice Rink LED screens display commercial advertising & general public information. Skater speed scores can also be displayed.

Outside the dance/music school 'Het Factorium' a LED-screen is powered by a ONELAN Net-Top-Box (NTB).

One of the biggest challenges Tilburg government encountered was how to communicate to 30 different locations at the same time, with different content for each location and without spending numerous hours populating all the screens with the right content.

Each of the 30 locations has its own NTB mounted on the back of the screen. With this configuration the Tilburg media department is able to control each screen separately and tailor the content to a specific target groups.

Through the use of digital signage, a considerable volume of paper based advertising and leaflet production has become redundant. For example a large number of leaflets that had been printed became invalid after a small change in the law. The leaflets then had to be reprinted at considerable expense. Since the installation of the digital signage, all such costs have now gone. Digital signage also attracts people's attention far more than a paper leaflet or poster.