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ONELAN Installed at Monaghan Libraries

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KT Communications recently won a tender to provide high quality digital signage for Monaghan Community Forum under the Peace III Hands Together Project.

What Was Needed?
Monaghan Community Forum required a series of notice boards which community groups could be trained to use for promoting local events in libraries. A wide range of users needed to easily access and update the boards with eye catching content both locally and remotely.

How It Was Done
KT Communications won the tender with a ONELAN digital signage system supplied by distributor Osmosis Ireland Ltd. The Net Top Box (NTB) from ONELAN is a media player which attaches to any screen allowing local users to upload and display text and multimedia content. Several NTBs can be networked and controlled centrally; allowing library staff to collaborate on content. ONELAN 510P and 620P Century Net Top Boxes were installed in five locations driving 42" LCD flat screens.

The End Result
The fully installed notice board system has been well received. Following expert onsite training, library staff can update content quickly and easily. Monaghan Community Forum have been delighted with the ONELAN solution provided

"All five notice boards were installed within a matter of weeks and our staff were given a number of training sessions. As the notice boards were erected in the libraries, KT Communications provided additional training for a designated staff member from each of the libraries. This was invaluable to us and meant that updates could also be uploaded on a local level."
Dara MacGhabhainn, Monaghan Community Forum.