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DPS Modern Indian School Differentiates with ONELAN

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The DPS Modern Indian School in Qatar wanted to present a modern image and differentiate itself from other schools. The school wanted to implement digital signage throughout the school to achieve this. It also needed the capability to make central announcements to all students simultaneously e.g. live updates from the Principal.

ONELAN was chosen for the following reasons:

- local experienced integrator (Moseco)
- Reliable Linux based solution
- API to trigger feature
- Ability to stream live video

Each classroom is equipped with a projector or large screen, which can be switched from laptop to a ONELAN Net-Top-box (NTB). This can be scheduled or triggered centrally through the API.

220 ONELAN NTB-650s are installed across the school. Video content is encoded via an OMNI-A and streamed to each NTB. This is used daily to welcome all students. All NTBs are triggered centrally using the API to pick up this 'Welcome message' stream.

The digital signage is also used as a tool to communicate with all students or a particular class, to inform them of relevant information e.g. sick leave of teachers or special events

The system is managed locally by school, with both IT and and the staff responsible for content, working closely with the Principal.