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DOOH from ONELAN for the Linderud Senter Shopping Mall

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The Linderud Senter Shopping Mall situated in Oslo, has 60 stores and houses offices for a wide range of healthcare services. The newly refurbished shopping centre covers five floors and is 32,000 m2. Following their refurbishment the Linderud Senter wanted a combined Wayfinding and advertising system that was reliable, had low maintenance costs and would keep content update costs to a minimum. It was decided the sign should be double sided with one side interactive for a Wayfinder and store adverts, and the other solely for full screen advertising.

The ONELAN digital signage system and Urbanview Signboard were chosen by the Linderud Senter as its fully flexible system offers a Multi-Zone screen design giving the ability to run advertising, as well as Wayfinding with Touch Interactivity. Specifically this meant advertising content could be updated and scheduled entirely separately from the Interactive Wayfinding content. A single zone system based exclusively on Flash was rejected due to the cost for content changes and time to update.

ONELAN's Digital Signage system provides the following advantages:

  • Touch capability - interactivity on the Wayfinding system brings another dimension to the screen and involves the customer, thereby attracting them to the advertising.
  • Multi-Zone - different Zones in each screen can be dedicated to different media and Playlists. This allows huge cost-savings when advertising needs to be updated, as only the Advertising Zone of the screen has to be changed without impacting the Wayfinding Zone.
  • Reliability, ensuring low maintenance costs - operating on a Linux base ensures reliability reducing the number of site visits needed.
  • Proof of Playout - ONELAN's auditing capability means it is possible to follow what media is being played, when and where, allowing The Linderud Senter to guarantee visibility to their advertisers.

What is installed
The Linderud Senter has installed 3 double sided Signboards each containing 2 Net-Top-Box (NTB) 5000s, one with a Touch Licence to enable the Wayfinding system to function,

End result - end user feedback
The Marketing Co-ordinator was very pleased with the ability to publish by date and time in order to ensure that the commercials are up-to-date during holidays.
"One of the stores in Linderud Senter registered a visitor increase of 50% from one week to the next when their commercial was shown on the Signboards"
Irene Karstad, Shopping Mall Manager, Linderud Senter.