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Virgin Holidays & Virgin Atlantic Headquarters Case Study

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Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays moved into a new purpose built 110,000 sq feet shared Headquarters in Crawley in 2016.

Both companies had been using digital signage for several years, however the limitations of their incumbent system meant they were looking for a new solution which would be easier to update and offer scalability. Providing scalability would enable them to truly exploit the benefits of digital signage and control content across their whole estate including employee engagement, retail stores and airport lounges.

Following a detailed analysis and subsequent trial, Virgin selected the ONELAN brand from accredited partner Avensys. They rolled out ONELAN digital signage for Virgin, installing virtual CMS server and Digital Signage Manager (DSM), thereby removing the need for onsite servers for content distribution, while providing the much-needed scalability.

Delivering Consistent Coporate Communications for Employees

The CMS connects various channels across the HQ and is used to display corporate messaging content, ensuring consistent communication is delivered to a mobile workforce who are often travelling. Employee engagement is a key objective for Virgin and is proven to help achieve on-time flight performance. Utilising an engaging media such as digital signage for internal communications supports this.

Via the CMS, the signage is controlled centrally, with local permissions enabling floors and departments to display different content as needed. They can also play Freeview TV channels from the IPTV system.

Additionally, images, ticker messages, TV feeds and paid-for advertising can be displayed within the HQ. One of the many advantages of the ONELAN solution is that it can provide proof of playback from within the DSM, enabling Virgin to demonstrate to their advertisers how often an advertisement has been shown.

Within the ground floor reception, there is a 58" video wall to greet visitors and staff, creating immediate brand impact, while in The Place, a central restaurant area, an 84" NEC display for digital signage has been installed to reach staff meeting in this area.

ONELAN accredited content partner and Digital Signage specialists onemedia also developed wayfinding content which can be seen on four NEC wayfinding touchscreens, all of which are powered by ONELAN 4K NTB players and are located at the lift lobby on each floor. The system allows visitors to touch the screen and be presented with a list of meeting rooms or departments. When not in use as a wayfinding screen, they default to digital signage displays - as all the players are connected to the ONELAN CMS.

Previously updates were managed by each department, but with the new CMS, changes can be quickly administered centrally by the internal communications team. They can easily drag and drop content to folders which is then uploaded by the Infrastructure & Operations team. Generally, the players are on an automatic hourly update cycle, however they can be refreshed more frequently if required.

Within the folder structure, there is a 'must play' folder including content such as the
CEO's latest statement. Channels are created from the content folders, with Virgin having over 50 different channels. Tagged content within each channel enables location or department specific content to be displayed, avoiding the need to create too many separate channels, thereby saving development time and resources.

Approximately 30 further screens on all four floors connect to the ONELAN digital signage subscribers and show, amongst other content, call handling statistics in the Crawley-based contact centre. Similar displays are also installed within the satellite contact centre in Swansea where 10 screens are running content off ONELAN NTB players providing employees with invaluable call data.