Become a Content Partner

Being a Content Development Partner

What is a ONELAN Content Development Partner? 

Anyone can develop content to display using ONELAN digital signage players however not all content is created equal. Many companies choose to have custom layouts designed, often featuring bespoke HTML elements and other advanced features. A ONELAN Content Development Partner is a content design agency who have been trained by ONELAN and have demonstrated the appropriate capabilities for ONELAN to recommend their services to clients.


Why become a Content Development Partner? 

Very few clients have content design by agencies who are not accredited partners of ONELAN and those that do, often regret it. Through ONELAN recommendations, design agencies have significantly increased their business, as well as some design companies being established specifically to cater to ONELAN customers. The training provided will help to develop any design agencies capabilities, and the recommendations along with the companies logo featuring on the ONELAN website will help to increase sales.


Become a Content Development Partner?

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