ONELAN launches System-on-Chip software solution for Samsung SSP and LG webOS

26th May 2016

ONELAN is pleased to announce the launch of its new System-on-Chip (SOC) software solution enabling its software to be installed directly onto either a Samsung Smart Signage display or LG's webOS platform.

While the traditional Net-Top-Box will still offer enhanced functionality, the SOC solution facilitates direct integration with Samsung and LG's displays making installation simpler, with no external player and reduced cabling. In addition, the total cost of ownership for the end user can be reduced, making it a more attractive proposition in some installations.

The solution is delivered by the ONELAN CMS 3.0 which enables content to be published to a mixed network of integrated small screens, SOC displays and the full range of NTB signage players. This offers complete flexibility in content display to the end-user. The SOC player uses the same 'Store and Forward' content delivery mechanism to ensure reliability, with content playback continuing even if internet connection is lost.

Furthermore, the option to host on-premise or in the cloud, as well as integration with Active Directory, makes SOC an ideal solution for corporate enterprises who can chose the levels of scalability, flexible pricing options and control required.

Simon Carp, Senior Product Manager commented; "We're delighted to be working with our technology partners to bring SOC to the market. While traditional signage players will continue to offer significant advantages, there are many applications which can be easily serviced by our new single and multi zone SOC players."

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