Call Centre Digital Signage

There is a growing trend for the digital transformation of the call center environment, with live monitoring and tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) becoming a vital part of successful day-to-day operation.

With the hustle and noise of a typical call center environment not hugely conducive to discussion and collaboration between agent and manager. For call centers there is a very real need to ensure the data needed for ad hoc decision making is delivered in a visual, digital way.

Part of the growing digitalisation trend has been the deployment of digital signage to ingest and display live performance data for departments, teams, individuals or for the entire organisation.

3rd Party IP Telephone Integration

Using ONELAN’s digital signage platform a call center can take data from 3rd party call systems such as Cisco and Avaya and display that live as a ‘digital dashboard’ on TV screens and displays within the call center.

The kind of data a call center digital signage solution can take from an IP telephony platform includes; calls in queue, longest call waiting, service levels, agents available, agents in aux, agents in wrap, total calls answered, and calls offered.

When this is deployed correctly the impact is well worth the investment as the visual nature creates a competitivity and pride in delivering on KPIs driving performance and incentivising agents to deliver company objectives.

The platform can also trigger alerts when performance goes outside of target ranges, but also allow focus on an individual or group to highlight success and celebrate it.

Ensuring your message is seen

By delivering this information and data as part of a digital signage screen, call centers can incorporate the live statistics into corporate messaging, communications or live TV via an integrated IPTV headend.

By aligning key performance data with ‘softer’ messaging the call center can use digital signage content to attract and hold the attention of the audience, engaging them long enough for the business information to be ingested without realising.

Planning and intelligence

When a call center digital signage system is properly deployed and suitably utilised there are a number of business benefits beyond the agents themselves being monitored better.

By making the data very visual it is much easier to live track demand, measure peaks and troughs, help determine when you need fewer or additional agents and understanding which kind of events and circumstances impact productivity.

By bringing all of that data to the fore team leaders and call center managers can make better, more informed and more assertive decisions.

A digital signage platform for all call center environments

ONELAN’s CMS and NTB signage players have been deployed widely in the call center industry, ranging from emergency services to insurance brokers to local government and retail; it is a versatile platform that can deliver benefit wherever it is needed.

Backed up by industry leading reliability and you have a platform that can deliver the service your team needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, year after year.

When you need call center digital signage, who are you gonna call?


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