ONELAN, a global leader in digital visual communications, is set to optimise workspace and resource management with the launch of its Reserva Analytics and Reporting solution.                                                                

This browser-based graphical dashboard provides historical data over pre-defined or custom date ranges, enabling organisations to base their long-term strategic decisions on proven quantitative data with information available for all rooms, a single room or a custom group of rooms.

Giving businesses an on-going overview of their space and resource, the solution provides a demonstrable return on investment. As well as revealing how meeting room usage can be maximised, the tool promises more far-reaching support, allowing facilities managers to make informed choices about the allocation of space, how meeting room technologies are performing and even a shortlist of those users who are experiencing most technical issues during their meetings.


A future-proof solution that is completely scalable, the Reserva Analytics tool can visualise data for an unlimited number of rooms. For ease of monitoring, it also allows rooms to be divided into groups and categories, according to factors, such as location, company department or the type of space. The solution is equally flexible when it comes to deciding over what time period should be included in the dashboard. Organisations are free to reconfigure settings and select from a whole host of time frame options, which span from 24-hour periods to five-year overviews.

User Behaviour Analytics

With the User Behaviour feature, business and educational institutions of all sizes have a unique opportunity to analyse and address the impact of employee behaviour on facilities management. The “no show” analytics is used to highlight the meeting organisers, who most regularly fail to check in and go through with the meetings they book. Reserva can detect and free up meeting rooms dynamically, but with Reserva Analytics facilities managers can also identify personnel that are inadvertently wasting space and resource. The tool graphically illustrates and keeps a record of the number of hours of time freed in the meeting rooms, enabling facilities managers to track and monitor the situation as well as independently corroborate the return on investment.

The data also highlights those who most regularly book meetings, bringing to light any potential issues, such as personnel who reserve meeting rooms on the off-chance that they may need them.

To further explain the meeting room needs of their staff, organisations are even able to analyse the frequency with which personnel book meetings, either in advance through their calendar software, or on the Reserva touchscreen itself.

Room Utilisation Analytics

Designed to reveal levels of utilisation frequency with which each meeting room is used every day, as well as broad usage trends throughout the calendar year, businesses are able to determine if there is a genuine lack of workspace, or, alternatively, if existing meeting rooms are simply being over-utilised at specific, peak times of the day and year.

Facilities managers can see at a glance which are the most and least popular meeting rooms. This can guide further investigation into meeting room preferences and strategies to increase overall meeting room utilisation.

Resources Analytics

The Room Resource Analysis is equally insightful, giving organisations clarity on recurring meeting room resource faults with meeting room resources e.g conferencing facilities, display technologies and a range of other resources. The solution illustrates the number of fault reports over time, breaking down the report, so that they can be analysed by resource, room and even by the person who has raised the fault reports, if the user authentication feature is enabled on the Reserva screen. Whilst a spike in the number of reported faults with one piece of equipment can bring to light a technical issue which may have to be resolved, numerous reports filed by only certain personnel could reveal a series of user errors and the need for further staff training.

Commenting on the launch, Simon Carp, product management manager, said “This solution marks an important step forward, offering organisations the opportunity to identify and resolve the real and often hidden causes of inefficient workspace and resource management. The beauty of the solution lies in its ability to help assess and re-assess the changing needs of even the most fast-moving businesses. Having a “big picture” overview of an organisation’s workspace, resource and people and a ‘drill down’ capability will significantly increase return on investment, but only if it can offer accurate and actionable insights. Reserva Analytics is an accessible and easy to use solution which delivers this on many levels”


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