The requirement for the new Library of Birmingham was to combine theIMG_1490 50%.jpg 400,000 publicly available books and assets with both access to and interaction with new technology - allowing the public access to as many of the Library's resources as possible. In partnership with the REP Theatre, the Library also wanted to position itself as a leading events hub in the West Midlands region.

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June 2014......AVM Impact and BAF Graphics are demonstrating BAF Graphics at MWL.jpg digital signage from ONELAN on their stands at Marketing Week Live 2014 at Olympia from June 25th - June 26th

AVM Impact (stand C220) is showing ONELAN's new 4K UHD player and how this can be used as an integral part of a digital retail solution.

BAF Graphics (stand C365) is one of the UK's leading producers of digitally printed graphics for Display, Visual Merchandising and Brand Communication. The company is showcasing its digital signage capabilities with ONELAN.

Tesco 9.jpgTesco wanted to modernise its outdated instore dining areas. It wanted the look and feel to be more contemporary incorporating theatre style cooking and providing better facilities for families.
Tesco wanted the experience to be that of a premium café and for its branding to reflect this. Digital signage was seen as a critical element in achieving this new premium café experience.

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DCE new connectors image.jpgONELAN has added two new Connectors to its Data Collection Engine (DCE) that support the two market leading property management systems, Micros Fidelio Opera® and Newmarket International Delphi®. These systems are designed to meet the requirements of any size hotel or hotel chain.
The new Connectors enable users to extract event information from their existing Opera® or Delphi® hospitality systems and deliver it directly to their digital signage. This eliminates the requirement for manual data re-entry thereby ensuring accurate event information is presented in a timely manner.
The customer experience is greatly improved as relevant live information can be delivered to specific locations. Furthermore the display is highly graphical and can be customised using standards compliant HTML.

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ONELAN's Data Collection Engine (DCE) has been upgraded in response to customer demand.
ONELAN's new Web Capture Connector will take a screen image capture of a web page displayed in Internet Explorer, and display this image on the player. This Connector handles single sign-on through Microsoft Windows authentication, making it suitable for the display of internal corporate Intranet web sites, and legacy systems.
The Exchange and Excel Connectors have also been enhanced to support a wider range of file formats. This new upgrade now also supports the very latest Microsoft product versions.

Datasheets are available as pdf downloads from ONELAN's website:

We are pleased to announce the addition of a suite of training videos to our Support site. Based on the new Content Management System, but also largely applicable to Publishers, the 18 concise video tutorials provide users a step by step guide to everything from adding RSS feeds, through Layouts design to managing Channels.

The videos are available freely to all users. To access the videos register or login into ONELAN's support area:

1. Go to
2. Click 'login' on the top right of the page
3. Login or Register
4. Once logged in, access the Training Videos from the tab on the main menu

If you have any queries or feedback please contact

On 7th April 2014, security researchers announced a recently-discovered vulnerability, CVE-2014-0160 (dubbed Heartbleed), in a popular and widely used cryptographic library OpenSSL. This weakness makes it possible for someone to steal information normally protected by SSL/TLS encryption. In conjunction with the announcement the OpenSSL community released a fix for this vulnerability. The Fedora community back ported this fix to Fedora based systems on 8th April, 2014.

ONELAN picked up the patch the same day and immediately ported the fix back into affected ONELAN products. We have been evaluating the fix on all affected ONELAN products and testing the products for potential side effects.

We are in the process of releasing software updates to fix the vulnerability after ensuring that ONELAN systems continue to be reliable. As part of this fix, we have also reset the certificates and keys as a security measure. If you were using Custom SSL certificates, please get a new set of certificates and install the new certificates. Post the software update, you are advised to update your passwords.

If you are concerned about the likely impact of this vulnerability on systems that are exposed to the external internet, you can further mitigate the risk by whitelisting the IP addresses that you know are safe and blocking everything else in your network firewalls.

The following products are affected and have a software update available or in the process of being made available:

NTB 9.0 and above - Update to 9.3.7. Before updating your NTB, please ensure your software is between version 9.2.4 - 9.3.6
V9.3.7 Update

CMS 1.1 - Update to 1.1.7. Before updating your CMS, please ensure your software is between 1.1.5- 1.1.6
V1.1.7 Update

DSM 3.1 and above - Update to 3.1.3. Before updating your DSM, please ensure your software is running3.1.x
V3.1.3 Update

The following products are not affected by the Heartbleed security vulnerability.
NTB 8.x series or prior
DSM 3.0 and prior

20140127_140734 crop.jpgMarwell Zoo, (formerly Marwell Zoological Park) is a 140-acre zoo and registered charity situated at Hampshire, UK. It homes over 170 exotic and endangered species from ants to snow leopards and is situated in 140 acres.
With a wide variety of different zones and visitor attractions, Marwell Zoo wanted an interactive way to engage with its visitors. It has a large volume of information it wanted to be able to communicate to visitors daily to enable them to get the best out of their visit. Printed material alone was too limiting for Marwell Zoo's requirements.

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